Course curriculum

  • 2

    Introduction to The MindRight Legacy Builders Program™

    • Welcome to The MindRight Legacy Builders Program™

    • Financial Non-Disclosure Form

  • 3

    Introduction - Redefining Financial Freedom

    • Introduction

    • Welcome-Redefining Financial Freedom

  • 4

    Week 1 - Decide What You Really Want

    • Welcome - Decide What You Really Want

  • 5

    Live Office Hours w/ Ash Cash (Tuesday's at 9pm EST/6pm PST)

    • Weekly Live Office Hours

    • 5 Key Steps to Building Wealth - with Ash Cash Exantus + Nicole Mclaren Campbell

  • 6

    Getting Started with The MindRight Legacy Builders™ Financial Planning Tool

    • [VIDEO] Setting Up Your Personal Financial Website

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] A Guide To Getting Started

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Using Your Personal Financial Website to Control Your Finances

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] See the Big Picture

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Stay Aware with Alerts

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Track Your Spending

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Cash-Flow Planning

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Keeping Track of Your Investments

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Visualize You Financial Decisions

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Leaving a Legacy

    • [VIDEO] Setting Up Your Mobile Access

    • [VIDEO] Understanding The Safety & Security of Your Information

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] How Secure Is this Portal?

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Guide To Data Aggregation

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Consumer Data Aggregation Checklist

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Answers in The Palm of Your Hands

    • [VIDEO] Best Practices for Using Your PFM Site

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Best Practices for Using Your PFM Site

    • [VIDEO] Understanding The Organizer Feature

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Understanding The Organizer Feature

    • [VIDEO] How to Properly Use the Goals Tab

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] - How to Properly Use the Goals Tab

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Setting Up Your Goals

    • [VIDEO] Protecting Your Important Documents with Our Vault Feature

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Protecting Your Important Documents

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Vault Checklist

    • [VIDEO] Frequently Asked Questions

    • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Frequently Asked Questions

  • 7

    MindRight Legacy Tool Kit™

    • The MindRight Legacy Builders Workbook™

    • Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Laws of Financial Freedom

    • The 21 Day Mind Right, Money Right Challenge

    • Mind Right, Life Right: Manifesting Dreams Through the Laws of the Universe

  • 8


    • Spending Diary

    • The Household Budget Planner